Past Grands

Grand Worthy Matrons                                            Term of Office

Dimple L. Miller-Bush                                                 1908-1909

Lizzie Fitzpatrick                                                       1909-1910

Lillie Talliaferro                                                          1911-1942

                      Annie M. Smith                                                          1942 (served 3 months)

Blanche M. Bruner                                                    1942 – 1982

Bertha B. Clark                                                          1982-1999

Anna Mable Johnson                                                 1999-2010

                                   Esther P. Vaughn                                                       2010   – 2016 (1 month in 2016)

                                 Eulala James                                                             2016-2017 (6 months in 2017)

Terri L. Fields                                                            2017-2019

Seat Vacant – Administrative Leadership Team (Lead by G. Diane Anderson) – 2019-2020

Grand Worthy Patrons                                             Term of Office

C.F. Johnson                                                             1908-1909

C.J. Johnson                                                             1909-1912

G.W. Hall                                                                  1912-1913

W.L. Waid                                                                 1913-1939

Dr. F.S. Jones                                                           1939 – 1952

R.W. English                                                             1952-1957

Levi G. Smith                                                            1957-1999 


1910   Subordinate Chapters were permitted to write their own Bylaws.
QBGC became a member of the International Conference of Grand Chapters.

1912   QBGC met in the new Masonic Temple in Boley, Oklahoma for the first time.

1922   There were 17,915 financial Master Masons and approximately 4000 members of the Order of the Eastern Star in the Oklahoma Prince Hall Family.

1923   QBGC celebrated its Silver Anniversary.

1955   March 19, 1955, the Masonic Temple in Boley, Oklahoma was destroyed by fire.

1958   QBGC celebrated its Golden Anniversary.  “Fifty Golden Years”.  A souvenir book with a history section was printed

1960’s    Subordinate Chapters were organized in Alaska, France, and West Germany.

1970’s   Subordinate Chapters were organized in Korea, Japan, Italy, and Greece.

2000’s   Subordinate Chapters were organized in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

2008   QBGC celebrated its Centennial Anniversary, “Celebrating our Past, Graciously Preparing for that, which is yet to come.